Holbrook Elementary School

Hamtramck, MI

Discover Key Construction's transformative project at Holbrook Elementary School in Hamtramck, MI, a historic institution serving the community since 1896. Our team dedicated their expertise to significantly enhance the school's facilities, ensuring a vibrant and functional environment for both students and staff. We're proud to showcase the comprehensive work completed, all within an impressive timeline of just two and a half months, allowing the school to open on time for the academic year.

The project's highlight was constructing a completely new kitchen addition, equipped with state-of-the-art culinary equipment to serve nutritious and delicious meals to the students. In addition, we revitalized the gym area, installing new flooring and ceilings and applying fresh paint to create an inviting space for physical education and school events. The school's exterior saw major improvements as well, with the installation of a new playground, providing a safe and enjoyable area for students to play and learn. We also upgraded the school's infrastructure with new asphalt and fencing, enhancing both the security and aesthetic appeal of the campus. Key Construction's commitment to quality and efficiency is evident in the swift and successful completion of Holbrook Elementary School's renovation, reflecting our dedication to fostering educational environments where communities can thrive. Visit our website to learn more about this project and our other initiatives in building brighter futures.

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General Contractor - New Construction/Renovation



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